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LAWS CHANGE. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. GET YOUR INSTANT SAFEGUNTRAVEL.COM REPORT BEFORE YOUR NEXT TRIP. was created for hunters, firearm enthusiasts, people traveling to and from gun shows, and people traveling through states on vacation or for work who choose to travel with a firearm and want to lawfully exercise their 2nd Amendment right. We provide comprehensive information about interstate travel and concealed carry laws in the United States, sourced from our team of lawyers and legal reseachers.

2020 SGT USA Travel Risk Advisory

The above graph depicts the breakdown of states categorized by the SGT Freedom Ranking algorithm, where green is gun travel friendly, yellow is moderate, and red is high-risk. Our gun travel data is regularly updated.

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Our visitors are traveling an average distance of 961.6 miles across 5.4 states, with 17.86% of visitors traveling without a CCW, 62.18% with one CCW permit, and 19.96% are traveling with two or more CCW permits.

News Highlights

  • DELAWARE— When police here pulled over engineer Jeremy Preston for speeding last month, he volunteered that his glove compartment held a Glock handgun. Check out this story on

  • WASHINGTON— police are operating under orders to arrest tourists and other non-residents traveling with spent bullet or shotgun casings, a crime that carries a $1,000 fine, a year in jail and a criminal record, according to a new book about the city's confusing gun laws. Read about it here

  • TEXAS— Dustin Reininger, a Texas man who was arrested in 2009 in New Jersey while transporting 21 firearms in his car during a move from Maine, was told in an appeals court on Monday that he would remain in prison. Read more

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What is Reciprocity & Why does it matter to me?

Reciprocity: a mutual exchange of privileges; specifically : a recognition by one of two countries, states or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other.

All of us at SGT were recently amazed to find out the number of firearm owners who have never heard about concealed carry reciprocity or what it means. "Reciprocity" is the one word that should ring in your ears every time you plan on traveling with your concealed firearm. Knowing what your reciprocity is, how it applies to you and the state concealed license you have and where you are is extremely important. In general, reciprocity is an agreement between the state that issued your concealed carry license and how it may be viewed by other states. Carrying a concealed weapon in a state that doesn't have reciprocity with your concealed carry license, or without accordance with their statutes is a quick trip to jail, potentially thousands of dollars in legal expenses and quite possibly a lengthy prison sentence. Not to mention, one must also consider everything that comes with these negatives like the loss of your job and the stress it will put on your family.

All of these negative outcomes are avoidable by knowing what your reciprocity is (and complying) when you are in a state other than the issuing state license you have. Before SafeGunTravel, prudent travelers would have to either go to each state and lookup the state attorney’s office and contact them for information on reciprocity, read their website and weed through the legal jargon, or place their trust in those free information sites that may very well be out of date or inaccurate. SafeGunTravel simplifies this process by providing a one-stop-shop for your travel directions alongside all of the reciprocity information for each state you will be traveling through, customized to your itinerary and the CCW licenses you hold.

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