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The SGT Mission: Inform, Educate, & Protect Firearm Owners Traveling within America

SafeGunTravel Overview (SGT) is an Ohio company founded in 2014 by Steve Brown & Greg Warren with the intention to inform, educate and protect firearm owners, by providing them with a trusted tool that provides always up-to-date information on the laws and guidelines of traveling within America, while safely and respectfully exercising one's constitutionally-protected 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately, interstate travel with a firearm is a complex legal matter and how one's 2nd Amendment rights apply comes with caveats that vary widely by state and jurisdiction—this causes major legal hazards for the uninformed concealed carry traveler. The SGT website aims to address this problem by simplifying the relevant laws and statutes by providing helpful information including all of the CCW reciprocity information needed as it pertains to your state registered CCW license(s) and how they're honored by each state in your travel route. (Reciprocity, in a nutshell, is how and whether one state honors the rights that come with another state issued CCW license.)

The SafeGunTravel Difference

Unlike other websites and free amateur CCW website guides (that may be out of date or incorrect), SafeGunTravel's legal database of Concealed Carry information is actively compiled and analyzed by lawyers and legal researchers, fully integrated with Google Maps and Geospatial Information Services (GIS) to provide you with both driving directions and the associated state-specific CCW legal reciprocity information. SafeGunTravel is your complete source of legal information, fully customized and overlaid with your travel directions to help you safely complete your concealed carry traveling, downloadable in a PDF form that you can print and carry with you.

Our Team

The team is composed of a small group of people with various backgrounds ranging from military, law enforcement, law, private investigation, avid hunters and shooters to those without any exposure to firearms. We recruited this diverse team to capture every aspect and idea to make as helpful as possible to all firearm owners, from the completely inexperienced to highly trained firearm owners. The SGT team welcomes and invites the feedback of all of our visitors and customers. You may contact us online—we're listening and always trying to improve our offering!

Safe Travels!
Steve Brown & Greg Warren Co-Founders

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