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All about & Concealed Carry Firearm Reciprocity

Q: What is a Concealed Carry Permit?
A: A Concealed Carry Permit, often also referred to as a "CCW" (Carry a Concealed Weapon) permit or a "CPL" (Concealed Pistol License), is a license which grants the authority of a person to carry a handgun or other weapon in public in concealed or hidden manner, subject to jurisdiction and many special exceptions.
Q: What is Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity and why should I care?
A: Reciprocity is the recognition by states of the validity of licenses, permits, or privileges granted by the other. In general, concealed carry reciprocity is an agreement between the state that issued your concealed carry license and how it may be viewed by other states. Carrying a concealed weapon in a state that does not have reciprocity with your concealed carry license is a quick trip to jail, thousands of dollars in legal expenses, and possibly a lengthy prison sentence. All of this is avoidable by knowing what your reciprocity is when you are in a state other than the issuing state license that you have. provides all of this information in report format for every state that you will traveling through.
Q: Who was created for?
A: was created for hunters, firearm enthusiasts, people traveling to and from gun shows, people traveling on vacation or for work who choose to travel with a firearm and want to lawfully exercise their 2nd Amendment right.
Q: Why was created?
A: We created SafeGunTravel because we've noticed, increasingly, several incidents being covered in the news in which regular people were getting in serious trouble with the law after being pulled over for non-violent, non-compliance gun travel violations. We wanted to help everyday people like you travel safely by providing you with a tool that offers you the legal and compliance information you need to travel safely with a firearm for your particular travel route.
Q: Who created
A: The founders of SafeGunTravel come from various backgrounds including military, law enforcement, private investigation and are all avid hunters. We are passionate about the 2nd Amendment and the ability to exercise proper, safe and lawful firearm use.
Q: When was launched?
A: was launched in November of 2014
Q: What is the SGT Freedom Ranking score for each state and how is it determined?
A: Our legal counsel regularly reviews firearm laws and assigns each state a qualitative score from 0 to 100 pertaining to the legal environment of each state's firearm laws. States that score low are high risk to firearm owners while states that score high have more reasonable laws.
Q: How does your service work and how much does it cost?
A: Simply start by filling out your Starting address and Destination address along with whether or not you have zero, one or two CCW licenses and click the Get SafeGunTravel Guide button. Our website generates driving directions and a map for you along with color coded route details for how strict each state's laws are on your route. To be truly safe, we recommend that you purchase the full detail PDF report which includes up-to-date statutes and specific compliance information for how to safely travel with your firearm in each state and whether or not your CCW license(s) are recognized in each of the states on your route. You may purchase an immediate report or look out for subscriptions coming soon.
Q: Why do SafeGunTravel reports cost money?
A: When creating, we considered all available options. We chose to offer a partially free and paid service for several reasons. First, we offer real convenience and time savings by providing a map, driving directions, and state laws, all in one easy to read report without having to Google numerous sites with conflicting and often times inaccurate or out of date sources of information. This saves our customers a lot of time in searching, verifying correctness, and other benefits. Second—and perhaps the main reason we chose the paid model is because it takes a lot of time and money to pay lawyers to research so we can keep the laws current, accurate, and updated in addition to maintaining and updating a secure website, the underlying technology, and the servers necessary to support our thousands of visitors. There are many less functional websites and apps out there that cost at least as much money. The bottom line is that the money required to support an undertaking like this has to come from somewhere; with the free sites, they typically support their business model by tracking you, displaying ads, and sharing your personal information with advertisers and affiliates. SafeGunTravel does not believe in that invasive business model and prefers to operate as a transparent and forthright company that protects and keeps its customers' information private. We believe that the cost of our reports is a small price to pay in return for the quality of our data, customer privacy guarantees (especially relevant for firearm owners), added convenience, peace of mind, and being an informed and safe traveler.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Unless there are extenuating circumances and due to the nature of our product (we provide you with all of the information you asked for immediately after purchase), we typically cannot offer refunds.
Q: What should I do if I'm pulled over by police when traveling with a firearm?
  1. Hands at 10 PM and 2 PM, dome light on, windows down.
  2. Inform the officer you are carrying a weapon.
  3. Hand the officer your drivers license, insurance, and CCW license when asked.
  4. Be polite and remember, the officer might be a little more on point until he or she clears you of being a threat to them.
  5. Be very informed of the Laws where you are traveling and living while carrying a firearm in your vehicle.
  6. Go to for your updated travel information about firearm travel.

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